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Right Data Collection - A Priority at IIM Shillong

Data collection is the most crucial part of any research project. When done right, it will provide authentic trends and analysis which are not only important for the objective of the research but also meaningful for the end stakeholders. However, when done wrong, not only will the outcome be directionless and meaningless it may result in the rejection of the thesis or paper; something no IIM Shillong researcher would want to fancy.


Why Researchers Prefer ThinkSurvey:

Provides access to a wider demographic

Is cost-effective when compared to offline channels

Enables quick turnaround time

Makes sure participants answer the questions at their time of convenience

Research Studies Done - Indian Institute of Management, Shillong

Data Collection for Academic Survey on Green Consumption in India

Data Collection for Academic Research on Millet-based foods awareness and consumption behaviour

Data Collection for Academic Survey on Indian Consumers’ Green Products Purchase Intention

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