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ThinkSurvey is the most trusted platform for online data collection on any of your questionnaire tools whenever you have a:

Thesis to submit

Research papers to publish

Statistics reports to complete

Seminar presentations to be done

Why Researchers Trust Our Audience Panel

Data Quality

Every participant goes through eligibility checks and screening before attempting any study

Vast Demographics

Be it students, professionals, housewives, or businesses we have every participant

Timely Delivery

Get responses within the defined timeline to ensure there is no delay in the next steps

No Limit

Be it 50 or 5000. Get as many responses as needed for your study

Happy Participants

Our ethical rewards policy means our participants stay honest while answering questions

Customer Support

We assign a dedicated person who would assist you in every step you take

Types Of Surveys You Can Do

Poll-based Surveys

Run short surveys and get responses instantly. Our fastest closing surveys.

Image-based Surveys

Pictures speak a thousand words. Our participants like them too.

Scenario-based Surveys

Present various scenarios to our participants and capture their responses.

Conditional Surveys

Have branching or if-else condition in your study? You are on the right platform.

Long Surveys

Be it a 30 min survey or a 30 days study. Our platform supports it all.

Supervisor-Subordinate Surveys

Looking to study the team environment? Reach out to managers & their teams.

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