Data Collection for Academic Survey on Indian Consumers’ Green Products Purchase Intention


An overview:

Naman Sreen (Research Scholar of Marketing at IIM Shillong) led this academic research study on Green Products Purchase Intention. On ThinkSurvey he has run multiple surveys to study – cultural and gender lenses, material-based values, external environment, and internal cognition of individuals towards green purchase intention.

About Green Products:

With the growing concerns towards depleting environmental health, the shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable products can very well be noticed these days. Consumers can be seen vouching for environment-friendly products in their day-to-day lifestyles. This new trend in consumer behaviour has opened many doors for researchers to study the what, the how, the why, and many such similar questions through their research work.

Green Products survey

What the researcher was looking for:

A survey platform that should fit in the budget

Getting relevant responses within time for each study

One platform where multiple surveys can be managed

Participants from across India with varied demographic profiles

How our data collection service helped:

The PhD scholar had a unique method in mind. His steps included – designing the research objective, preparing the questionnaire, collecting data online from ThinkSurvey, analysing the data, writing research paper on it, getting it published, collecting feedback, and then repeating all of the steps again for the next research topic. ThinkSurvey team enjoyed working on his methodology. We made sure our participants enjoyed answering questions and researcher received authentic responses for each questionnaire.

“I have used ThinkSurvey data for multiple research articles. It has really helped me to capture data across India with efficient and effective time and cost management.” – Namen Sreen

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