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Online Audience Panel - A trend in JGBS

An effective online survey management platform enables researchers to create and manage multiple surveys in a single login. The researcher can decide whether to run the series of questionnaires sequentially or parallelly. And can collect responses from the vast pool of participants available based on the demographics defined. Researchers at Jindal Global Business School have successfully published their research papers with the help of ThinkSurvey - an end-to-end survey management platform.

Online Survey Management Platform

What the researcher was looking for:

Provides access to a wider demographic

Is cost-effective when compared to offline channels

Enables quick turnaround time

Makes sure participants answer the questions at their time of convenience

Research Studies Done - JGBS

Data Collection for Academic Survey on Green Products Purchase Intention

Plant-based meat academic survey

Data Collection for Academic Survey on Attitudes towards Plant-based Meat

survey management platform

Data Collection for Academic Survey on Minimalism and Ethically Minded Consumer Behavior

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