Data Collection for Academic Survey on Attitudes towards Plant-based Meat


An overview:

Dr. Naman Sreen, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Jindal Global Business School, Sonipat
(JGBS), is leading this research study on Plant-based meat. ThinkSurvey was his best bet for
Data Collection, as it guarantees genuine participants. Using the scenario-based questionnaire
method, Dr. Naman wanted to run multiple studies in a sequential manner.

About Plant-based Meat:

Plant-based meat is an imitation of animal meat products. In earlier days, tofu was considered an alternative to animal meat. However, researchers have now come up with the same texture, color, taste, smell, and nutritional value. Environmentalists and scientists are stating that eating animal meat can have dire consequences for the environment and hence research on plant-based meat are now been actively done.

Plant-based meat academic survey

What the researcher was looking for:

Participants who could understand and relate to various environment-related scenarios presented to them

Getting honest, meaningful, and timely responses

Single platform to run & manage multiple studies

Participants who can understand image-based ads

How our audience panel helped:

ThinkSurvey was able to create multiple studies, each with a unique id for easy recognition. The demographics for each study were pre-defined using our randomization technique. The image ads used were highly effective in conveying the intended objective of the research to the participants. This ensured that the participants were able to relate to the study and answered questions with ease. The researcher was happy to see the accuracy of the data collected.

“I have used ThinkSurvey data for multiple research articles. It has really helped me to capture data across India with efficient and effective time and cost management.” – Namen Sreen

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