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Online Data Collection - Gaining trust at IIM Kozhikode

Online data collection is gaining popularity over traditional methods of pen and paper-based data collection. Online channels provide access to a wide range of demographics with a quick turnaround from the participants. It is cost-effective when compared to offline methods and doesn't require extensive resources, travel, and other expenses. The best part is participants can answer questions at their convenience which increases the reliability of the data collected.

Why Researchers Prefer ThinkSurvey:

Vast pool of demographics available

Large number of responses can be collected in lesser time

Data collected provides authentic trends and analysis

Quick approvals on data from the audit team. No back-and-forth needed

Research Studies Done - Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

Data Collection for Academic Research on Role of Social Media in Spreading Fake News

Data Collection for Academic Research on Voting Preference Criteria of Indian Citizens ahead of General Elections 2024

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