Data Collection for Academic Survey on Study of Self Concept


An overview:

Tanya Singh, Research Scholar of Marketing at IIM Rohtak, is leading this research study on Study on the Concept of Self. She was exploring an online data collection platform to reach out to participants for her study and analysed their answering behaviours before and after exposing them to certain stimuli.

About the Concept of Self:

The concept of self refers to the overall thoughts and feelings towards oneself. It is composed of the ideal self and actual self, where the ideal self is the desired representation that one aspires to in terms of values and goals, while the actual self is related to “who I really am”. A very interesting field of research in the modern era.

Online data collection platform

What the researcher was looking for:

Participants who are internet savvy

Participants who are using augmented reality apps

Large number of responses to be collected

Getting honest and reliable responses

How our Online Data Collection Platform helped:

The study was to be conducted in 2 phases – before and after exposing participants to certain stimuli on augmented reality apps. ThinkSurvey’s Online Data Collection platform made the whole execution smoother for both the researcher as well as the participants. We reached out to a large pool of participants to collect the desired number of responses within a defined timeline. The demographics for each study were pre-defined using our randomization technique. This ensured we receive unbiased responses.  The researcher was happy to see the accuracy of the data collected.

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