Data Collection for Academic Survey on Role of Social Media Marketing on Purchase Intention


An overview:

Rajarshi Motilal (Research Scholar at Amity University) is leading this academic research on exploring the role of social media marketing on the purchase intention of young Indian adults. On ThinkSurvey he has run multiple surveys to study parameters such as – credibility, accuracy, engagement rate, user experience, authenticity, trustworthiness, generating interest, etc., of information and advertisements shared by various brands to attract the purchase intention.

About Social Media Advertising:

The increased internet penetration and affordable mobile devices have made sure a growing number of young adults get hooked to various social media platforms. This has allowed various B2C businesses to start pushing their ads on these social media websites, intending to bring the relevant target audience to those business websites and encourage purchasing.

How effective are these advertisements? Are they serving the intended purpose for each business spending hefty amounts on these ads? Should these ads continue, be tweaked, or stopped? These questions have become a hot topic of research these days.

purchase intention academic survey

What the researcher was looking for:

Timely delivery of responses

Cost-effective survey platform and yet authentic responses

Participants from across India with varied demographic profiles

Getting honest and meaningful responses

How our online survey tool helped:

The researcher used random sampling technique on the audience panel available on ThinkSurvey, where our users are present in more than 108 cities across India with varied demographics. 

The series of studies done will enable the researcher in analysing the role of social media marketing in the purchase intention and decision-making of Indian consumers, especially young adults. 

“The data collected was good and clean. I must say it’s a good mix and not skewed anywhere. Liked the transparency of the team” – Rajarshi Motilal

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