5 Topics for Research on Green Consumer Behaviour

Green products are produced using no or less toxic substances and are considered less harmful to the environment than similar conventional products. Such products may include recycled products, organic products, and products such as hybrid cars or energy-efficient electronic products.

Green consumer behaviour is the willingness of individuals to buy green products and involve them in their daily activities. With growing concerns about depleting environmental health research on Green Products Purchase Intention or Green Consumer Behaviour in general is on the rise.

Here are some potential research topics that you may find interesting:

1. Impact of society on green consumer behaviour

You can examine if the society, your near ones, relatives, friends, colleagues or even members of the household are practicing green consumer behaviour. Are they making green purchases and to what degree do they influence you to do the same.

2. Role of Individual behaviour and attitude in making green purchase

You can study every individual’s knowledge and awareness of green products. Are they aware of environmental phrases and symbols? Are they aware of environmental issues and challenges in their locality? Are they aware of which products are environmental friendly and which ones are not?

3. Role of government in promoting green consumer behaviour and practices

You could explore if there are pre-defined laws, policies, and regulations set by the government to protect the environment. If there are – are they effective or not; if there are not – how urgent is the need to set them up. Also, are there any penalties imposed by the government for the offenders and is there a change in consumer behaviour post the penalties.

4. Role of pricing and authenticity in promoting green products purchase

You can test whether the products available in the market are labeled green authentically. Are the resellers trustworthy enough to be able to sell green products. Are consumers willing to pay a premium for green products over traditional ones.

5. Green vs Traditional products comparison

You can test consumers by presenting them with 2 product options – one traditional and another green product. You may ask participants to compare the products based on their features, outcome, ease of availability, pricing, and availability of information; basis on which would participants switch to green products or continue with traditional ones.

Once your topic of research is finalised. Next important step of your research would be how to effectively conduct your research.