#GoForVote: Top 5 Sentiments of Indian voters in this General Election

Indian democracy is one of the largest in the world. In Indian general elections, voting is not just a civic duty, it’s a profound expression of citizenship and empowerment.

But what drives Indian citizens to exercise their right to vote and line-up at the polling booth. At ThinkSurvey we asked the same to our Audience Panel. As a result, below are the top 5 sentiments they mentioned:

1. Securing Future of our Country

Indian citizens recognize the importance of voting in determining the direction of the country’s future, be it on matters of economic policy, social welfare, or national security. By participating in the electoral process, voters actively engage in shaping a better, brighter future for themselves and future generations.

What they are saying:

“This General Election is important as it will decide the future of this country in the coming years.” Ravindran Nair, Tamil Nadu

“This can be the most important election which will shape how democracy will work in India in the future.” Lamiya Ummayu, Rajasthan

“It’s my right to vote and it makes me feel like I also have a say in making the future of the country.” Shraddha Saxena, Uttar Pradesh

2. Corruption Free Government

Voting serves as a potent reminder to politicians that they are accountable to the people they serve, fostering transparency and accountability in governance. Indian voters understand that by exercising their right to vote, they wield the power to endorse or reject political leaders based on their performance, policies, and promises.

What they are saying:

“It’s important to vote as we have the power to elect corrupt free politicians who can improve our country standards in every perspective.” – Vivek Vardhan, Telangana

“Remember Your Vote is Your Voice and by voting you can hold politicians accountable. Democracy and voting matter and your say is important!” – Rohan Roongta, Maharashtra

“Yes I want to caste my vote because India, being a democratic country, I can choose the leader who would govern us with full honesty and commitment.” – Bini Basheer, Kerala

3. Empowering my Voice

Many citizens view voting as a means of empowering themselves and their communities, asserting their rights, and advocating for issues that affect their lives. In short, the right to vote in any general election gives power to their voice. And it does not matter which segment of the society you belong to.

What they are saying:

“#GoForVote as it represents diverse voices and values and also empowers citizens to shape the society.” – Diwakar Sharma, Gujarat

“I will be able to do what is best for me and our people by voting to the better leader” – Nithin Ginni, Andhra Pradesh

“Voting is crucial for democracy, ensuring our voices are heard and shaping the future of our country. #GoForVote to make a difference!” – Akshay Santra, West Bengal

4. Select the right candidate

As the legend says, choose your MP (Member of Parliament), and not the PM (Prime Minister). The right candidate will fight for the betterment of the local citizens who voted for him/her. Indian citizens recognize that their vote is a powerful tool for effecting change and shaping the future of their communities and the nation at large.

What they are saying:

“I need to vote because I could choose the right candidate who would represent us in parliament in taking up important issues of our local area” – Satish Gudipadu, Telangana

“Because it’s my fundamental right, voting is very important because people can choose their representative by voting” – Payal Shukla, New Delhi

“Voting is a legal right given to every citizen of India by our constitution and it is important for us as a citizen to vote to exercise our right in choosing the right candidate and leaders that will represent us as a whole at the national level” – Nency Woch, Nagaland

5. Preserve Democracy

At the heart of every Indian voter lies a deep-seated commitment to preserving the democratic fabric of the nation. By casting their vote, citizens actively participate in this democratic process, ensuring that their voices are heard and that the fundamental principles of democracy endure

What they are saying:

“I think one should execute his or her constitutional right to support this vast democracy to prosper.” – Sanjoy Banerjee, West Bengal

“It is the moral responsibility of each and individual voter to keep democracy alive.” – Viral Shah, Gujarat

“Voting is important in India because it empowers democracy and nation-building. As a citizen it is our right to vote in the elections.” – Prabaharan Ramaiah, Tamil Nadu

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