#GoForVote: Lights, Camera, Vote! 7 Bollywood-Inspired Voter Types You'll Meet During Indian Elections

As the drama unfolds on the political stage during the Indian general elections, it’s not just about politicians and policies; it’s also about the Bollywood-worthy characters who steal the spotlight at the polling booths.

From the masala movie buffs to the meme aficionados, our Audience panel could be seen in these 7 voter avatars during this electoral extravaganza, Bollywood style!

1. The “Ek Vote Ki Keemat” Voter:

Ek vote ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu – that’s the appeal of this emotional voter. They know and value the power of their right to vote, and understand even a single vote can swing the results at a larger scale.

What they are saying:

“I have a right to choose my leader for my nation. One vote can change the whole result. So every vote matters.” – Srut Vin, Karnataka

“Voting is our right and I believe every single vote is important if I want to see someone as a leader.” – Sameer Behera, Karnataka

“To be a part of a healthy democracy, we must vote, and each and every vote makes a difference.” – Vijay Lakshmi, Uttar Pradesh

“It’s important because to create a powerful democracy in India, our one vote is important in this election.” – Sathi Jana, Karnataka

2. The "Zyada Drama Mat Karo" Voter:

Zyada drama mat karo, seedha vote dalo – that’s the motto of this no-nonsense voter. They’re not here for the theatrics; they just want to cast their vote. Their motto – “if you cannot get out of your home to vote, you do not have any right to complain and do drama about the ruling government.

What they are saying:

“I believe that if we do not vote, we don’t have the right to make any complaint.” – Hemang Parekh, Gujarat

“It gives you the choice to vote for your local and national representatives, if you don’t vote, other people get to choose who represents you.” – Shiv Niwas, Karnataka

“Voting is fundamental to our representative democracy, and your civic participation is critical to our success as a state.” – Smruti Kushalka, Maharashtra

“I have no right to comment on political scenario in the country if I don’t exercise my right to vote.” – Trupti Sharma, Rajasthan

3. The "Hum Saath Saath Hain" Voter:

Hum saath saath hain, aur vote bhi saath saath karenge – that’s the mantra of this university in diversity voter. They believe in and want to ensure that everyone comes together as a community to make a collective decision for the greater good.

What they are saying:

“I am an Indian That’s why it’s my right to vote and will make sure everyone in my family also vote.” – Vinutha G, Karnataka

“It is very important for every citizen to come in masses and exercise the right to vote this General Election for the good of the country and its citizens.” – Vinod Meena, Delhi

“Voting is essential for a democratic country. Every voter should come together and consider this a national duty to choose a nonfascist party.” – Belgin Moses, Tamil Nadu

“Voting is our right and responsibility to elect our leader, in whose hands our whole nation going to be. We need to make sure everybody in our community is voting.” – Bindhu Sudhir, Tamil Nadu

4. The "Picture Abhi Baaki Hai" Voter:

Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost – the optimism of this voter, sees elections as just another thrilling chapter in the epic saga of democracy. No matter how intense the political drama gets, they’re always ready for the next plot twist, believing they have voted for the right candidate.

What they are saying:

“As we know India is one of the biggest democratic countries in world, so the vote is very powerful thing which can change the nation’s destiny. So we should go for voting and vote right candidate right party which can do better for us so what is very important.” – Azhar Sheikh, Maharashtra

“To build and develop our nation for the betterment of the people we need to choose the right people so We need to vote for the right candidate for the nation’s future.” – Nilesh Thorvat, Maharashtra

“This is my right to choose the right candidate for my country” – Renu Mittal, Gujarat

“Through voting, the people can elect their own leader, who will lead them correctly and wisely.” – Riya Kunjumon, Kerala

5. The "Mogambo Khush Hua" Voter:

The agent of change or Mr. India (Anil Kapoor) was one of the early day’s spy agent introduced in our lives via bollywood. For this type of voter, elections are nothing short of a blockbuster movie full of plot twists. They relish every moment of the political drama, cheering for their favorite candidates and booing the ones they love to hate. And when their candidate wins, they channel their inner Mogambo and declare, “Mogambo khush hua!”

What they are saying:

“It is my right and  I am the agent of change. Every vote counts and to keep the Democracy alive it is important to vote in this election.” – Sunder Shetty, Maharashtra

“Voting is crucial in the General Election as it allows citizens to voice their opinions and shape the future direction of their country. #GoForVote to make your voice count!” – Sunil Vannamchiti, Odisha

“The power to vote for my country is very crucial, as each and every vote counts for a better future of our country.” – Priya Monalisa, Karnataka

“This election is very important as it can change entire situation of the nation.” – Jithu GT, Kerala

6. The "Dil Chahta Hai" Voter:

Like the iconic trio from the Bollywood classic “Dil Chahta Hai,” this voter believes in living life to the fullest and making their own rules. They’re not swayed by political rhetoric or party alliances; they follow their heart and vote for the candidate who resonates with them the most.

What they are saying:

“This is time to elect our leaders for Future India, use Vote wisely and make India better place to live.” – Thirupathi Reddy, Telangana

“This is our right to choose a better government to make our life better.” – Arundhati Tripathi, Madhya Pradesh

“Our country must become no1in all. So I want to contribute something than nothing.” – Manohar Krishnan, Tamil Nadu

“So that I can change the things which are going wrong around the corner which would help many citizens.“ – Nidhi Patel, Gujarat

7. The "Swag Se Swagat" Voter:

Swag se karenge vote, Swag se karenge swagat – with shades on and a swagger in their step, this voter struts into the polling booth like they own the place. They believe in the fundamental right to vote given to them by the Constitution. Hence, they make a grand entrance at the polling booths and leave a lasting impression, Bollywood style.

What they are saying:

“As I was born and live in a democracy where I got the right to select the party or the person who is going to rule and decide the future of the country.” – Prateek Bangre, Tamil Nadu

 “It is important because I have a fundamental right to choose a person who can listen to our problems and works towards it.” – Deepika Singh, New Delhi    

“While many in our country are eligible to cast vote, few are enthusiastic about it. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voter turnout was 67.11%, this time it is even lower than 2014” – Savita Shinghi, Maharashtra

“It is important to vote so that we get a representative who thinks for development and growth of country and people.” – Neetu Baghel, Madhya Pradesh

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